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YouTube SEO Tools, Video is the top-performing type of content on any social platform,

and if you’re looking to use video in your digital marketing approach, you should also consider YouTube and establish a presence on YouTube.

The leader in online video is now the second most visited website in the world with an impressive 1.9 billion active users.

YouTube is also considered the second largest search engine on the web,

behind parent company Google’s main app, with a growing number of visitors searching for videos to help them contextualize their various queries and questions.

With these considerations in mind, YouTube marketing will likely be worth the effort –

but if you want to maximize your YouTube performance, you need to make sure that your videos match these search trends

and are ‘findable’ when people are looking for them. related content.

For this, you will need the help of some tools. Certain apps and tips will help you optimize your YouTube videos for user research behaviors.

Tube Buddy

Optimizing your video content is just as essential as optimizing the content of your web pages, but there is no time to waste when it comes to YouTube SEO.

Forty-eight hours after your video uploads is your metadata optimization deadline

once you miss that, the algorithm marks your content in less time, making it very difficult to get back.

Equip yourself with Tube Buddy, a browser extension that makes channel maintenance easy and helps you with things

like titles, descriptions, tags, annotations, maps, and more.

Once integrated with YouTube, the tool will provide you with valuable information about any YouTube videos you open.

Maximize your organic reach by fetching tags from all videos

and save the time you would spend researching the best fits within the 500 character limit.

Tube Buddy also provides optimization tips and suggestions to boost your channel’s growth.

Additionally, the tool can provide automated checks to ensure that your videos are configured correctly

(i.e., they meet YouTube recommendations).


VidIQ is another channel management toolkit that works like a browser extension, showing crucial stats for any YouTube videos you open,

meaning effortless competitor research and advanced analytics for every video you open. can find.

The tool’s “Most Viewed” feature allows you to identify and compare the top-performing YouTube videos against each other.

For more information, you can add specific competitor channels and compare them to yours.

With your own 24/7 channel audit,

you can see what practices you should consider implementing to improve performance.

You can take it a step further and set up email alerts to keep tabs on hot topics in your industry (or your competitor’s channels).

And for better streaming, you can use the “Facebook Syndication” feature

and share your video instantly across all platforms (although you should be careful when cross-posting).

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is simply the best for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your channel.

Knowing more about your audience, the content that grabs their attention 

and keeps them – and the videos they want to share gives you crucial information to maintain and grow your presence on YouTube.

We understand for a fact that larger videos perform better. We also know that all YouTube algorithms are focused on viewing time.

So it makes perfect sense to take a closer look at the Watch Time and Real-Time reports to look at average view time, average view percentage, and audience retention.

Knowing which of your videos is generating subscribers is also a must, as new subscribers give you a significant advantage in YouTube search.

Encouraging your audience to Subscribe, Like, and Comment – when executed successfully – is a sure way to increase rankings.

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