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Top social media sites & platforms..

Think about which social media sites your business, brand, or blog should be on in 2022?

You Have come to the right place.

top social media platfarms

Because social media platforms are always the best to place to get power to your business, it can be surprisingly difficult to find the information with the most up-to-date information on google.

Yes, we have done the work for you. Below, you’ll find the freshest data from sites like SEJ( search engine journals)  to help you get the information on the top social media sites around the world.

We will come across each social networking platform, go through who should use them, and also provide insights that will help you to decide which ones are best for your business, brand, or blog.

Let’s come in.

The Best social media sites in 2021

best social media platfarms



Facebook is the wide-reaching social media platform in the world.

But just because more than 90% of its daily active users are from outside North America doesn’t imply it isn’t popular in America.

Seven out of 10 adults in the United States use Facebook, and more than half of them check it many times every day, uploading text, photographs, videos, and GIFs for other users to comment on, share, and react to.


Quick shot

  • Head office: Menlo Park, California, USA
  • Establish: 2004
  • Monthly Active Users: 2.74 Billion

Standout Features & Functionality

  • Small businesses may use Audience Insights to tap into Facebook’s vast pool of aggregated data to help them target their ideal audience with Facebook advertisements.
  • Businesses may upload panoramic-style photographs from their smartphones to Facebook 360, creating immersive, interactive experiences for their followers.
  • Influencers can use Facebook Live to communicate with their audience in an interactive way.

Who Should We Use Facebook?

why should we use facebook

Facebook is used by almost everyone, and it is the most popular social media platform for seniors, who are a fast-rising group on the site.

Last Thoughts on Facebook

For most businesses, Facebook advertising is a no-brainer because of its large reach and great social media marketing features (just make sure you set up a company profile if you haven’t already).

Facebook is one of the finest social media networks for sharing material if you’re a content creator (whether it’s a blog post, infographic, or article for a client).



 3. YOUTUBEyoutube

When it comes to social platforms, YouTube influences video content sharing.

it becomes trending because we can create videos it has options to share and like.


Because YouTube is such a large search engine (second only to Google), SEO is an important consideration for content creators.

Quick shot

  • Head office: San Bruno, California, USA
  • Establish: 2005
  • Monthly Active Users: 2 Billion

Standout Features

  • YouTube Cards make links to other videos and playlists more visually appealing, making your content more dynamic. They can appear at any point in your film at your discretion.
  • YouTube Live helps you to stand out by allowing your audience to participate in an interactive experience.
  • After attaining 1,000 followers, channels can use the Community tab to share text, photographs, GIFs, live videos, and more with their audience.

Who Should Use YouTube?


Many businesses have effectively used this top social media site to reach out to potential clients. Here are 50 content ideas to help you get started with your business.

A Final Thought on YouTube

Your target audience is likely to use this immensely popular social media site frequently to be entertained, educated, and informed. Will they be able to locate you there




We all know that there are a lot of messaging apps(QQ, Telegram, Snapchat, etc.) in this WhatsApp is most popular, with more monthly active users than Facebook Messenger(both are owned by Facebook).

Quick shot

  • Head office: Mountain View, California, USA
  • Establish: 2009
  • Monthly Active Users: 2 Billion

Unique Characteristics

  • International text, phone, and video messaging are all free (video chat with up to 4 people).
  • WhatsApp Company includes automated greeting and away messages, the option to reuse messages for quick replies, labels for managing contacts and chats, catalogs to show off your products and services, and a profile page with basic business information for engaging with customers.
  • Spreadsheets, slideshows, and other documents up to 100 MB can be shared quickly and effortlessly using document sharing (which is also free!).

What Kinds of People Should Use WhatsApp?

why should we use whatapp

Businesses that aim to provide quick access to client support, such as local delivery businesses.

Last Thoughts on WhatsApp

It’s simple to see why WhatsApp has become such a popular small business social networking software. For WhatsApp marketing ideas, see this HubSpot article.




Instagram is a video and photo-sharing social media platform where users may submit photographs and short films and edit them before sharing them with their friends and family.

It’s owned by Facebook, which offers extensive marketing data to help you contact your target demographic.

Instagram is an excellent platform for showcasing products and telling visually compelling tales about your company. You’ll find that users on this platform are ready to buy, whether it’s e-commerce or personal training.

Quick shot

  • Head office: Menlo Park, California, USA
  • Establish: 20010
  • Monthly Active Users: 1.082 Billion

Unique Characteristics

Users can click on products in photos and go directly to a product page to make purchases using Shoppable Tags.

Instagram Stories are short user-generated videos with various upgrades and effects that last for 24 hours and then vanish.

Instagram Live is a fantastic method to communicate with your audience in real-time.

What Types of People Should Use Instagram?

Instagram is thriving for a range of firms, particularly those in travel, beauty, and fashion – the largest demographic is under 35, urban females with above-average wealth.

Last Thoughts on Instagram

Instagram is becoming more popular by the day. It’s a terrific social platform for growing your business, with increasingly complex and powerful capabilities for marketers.

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